19 year old|2nd Year|Sheridan Animation Program!

If you like my work, feel free to contact me via a tumblr ask/scyy.94@gmail.com !

Currently working on Four Chambers of the Human Heart !


James Bond for Sketch Dailies!

James Bond for Sketch Dailies!

I see that you used the word "inspired" but i feel the character design is basically the same. actually the whole concept of "a tank and a punk girl" is still the same.

hmm… I suppose you’re right then with the concept of a tank and the punk girl. I apologise if that has offended you (or anyone else). The character designs themselves of the girls are original though - I had been doodling punk/mecha characters before I knew about Tank Girl (which was actually about a week ago?),  i.e. I did not copy from the series, I did research. After I knew about Tank Girl I just got more motivated to research more on this area. To be completely honest the sketches were more of an exploration of war tanks than the girls. However, again, if this has offended anyone, I apologise.

your recent sketches are cool but i found that the concept is really similar to Tank Girl. was wondering if it was coincidence or not?


Thanks for your question, I actually did get /inspired/ by Tank Girl’s concept, but the sketches are pretty much just observational studies of war tanks. You could say I got inspired by the topic? (:

Some tanks, some girlies

Joining in on Animal Sweater Sunday xD

Yesterday was Draw A Bird day, so I drew birds.

cocochi said: ahh she’s so cute!

eheheheh thanks Val!! ;w;

Pele for Sketch Dailies!

Pele for Sketch Dailies!

Worked on a fishaye study, about 3 hours…need practice